Code of Conduct

…our aim is to provide a pleasant and safe environment for people to
enjoy trail riding. to achieve this we need the assistance of all members
and visitors by adhering to the code:


couple riding
  • Members under 18 years old and non-members MUST wear approved
    riding helmets whilst riding, members over 18 years can opt out but incur a hefty excess on any insurance claim.
  • All riders are required to wear approved riding boots.
  • Appropriate sun protection is the responsibility of all riders
    and visitors.
  • Drinking water should be carried on every ride.
  • Under 18s must be supervised at all times by a riding parent or guardian.


  • Horses are the responsibility of their riders and are required to be
    healthy,sound and under control at all times.
  • Horse equipment is required to be in good repair at all times and fit
  • When riding on roads, normal road rules apply – ride on the left hand
    side and no alcohol is permitted on rides.
  • All riders are obligated to consider the well being of other horses
    and riders.
  • No cantering though the middle of the pack or passing at a speed that
    may excite other horses.
  • Maintain distances between horses to avoid injury from kicking.
  • Riders are not to leave the ride without the knowledge of an official.
  • The ride will not begin / continue until everyone is mounted.
  • During the ride, keep the rider in front and behind you in sight at
    all times.
  • All gates are to be left as they are found.
  • Respect private property
  • For safety reasons no dogs are allowed on the rides.

Horse Ribbons to be shown when necessary:

Red in tail – kicks
Red in mane – bites
Green in tail – green horse
Green on rider – green rider
Please enquire about taking stallions on our rides
White in tail – horse is for sale
Tail Ribbons


  • Make sure that campfires are put out correctly.
  • Take all rubbish with you when you leave a camp.
  • Pick up all horse manure at the end of each camp.
  • Horses, even if they are paddock mates at home must be in
    separate electric fences whilst on camps. As horses away from
    home could be unsettled and lash out unexpectedly.
  • Noise curfew of 10pm to be adhered to.


  • Riders must follow all reasonable instructions from trail bosses and
    other nominated leaders on the day.
  • First aid kits are carried on the ride for your safety and comfort.
  • When riding on roads reflective vests will be worn by officials to
    enhance visibility.
  • Ride officials require everyone attending a ride to sign the ride
    register before commencement.

Also check the Code of Conduct of Trail Riding Australia